Polymer dosing plant

Optimise your process with the EMEC Polymer dosing unit

Are you looking for an efficient and reliable solution for dosing polymers in your process? Discover the power of the EMEC Polymer Dosing Unit, a complete and advanced solution designed to optimise your process and increase productivity.

Our Polymer dosing plant consists of high-quality components, including:

PRISM 04-50 FP: An advanced dosing pump offering accuracy and reliability in polymer dosing. With its innovative design and advanced features, the PRISMA 04-50 FP is the ideal choice for demanding industrial applications.

CNT PD110 Tank: A durable and robust storage tank specifically designed for the safe storage of polymers. With its large capacity and high-quality construction, the CNT PD110 Tank offers optimum reliability and performance in any environment.

Suction lance LASP5/V: A specially designed suction lance that ensures efficient and accurate dosing of polymers. With its advanced design and user-friendly interface, the LASP5/V makes polymer dosing simple and hassle-free.

MIX8NMON MIXER: A powerful mixer that ensures thorough and even mixing of polymers. With its advanced mixing technology and robust construction, the MIX8NMON MIXER offers optimum performance and reliability in any situation.

Whether you operate in water treatment, the chemical industry or any other sector, the EMEC Polymer Dosing Unit offers the perfect solution for all your dosing needs. With its advanced technology, reliable performance and user-friendly design, it is the ideal choice for any application.

Contact us today for more information about EMEC Polymer Dosing System and find out how you can optimise your process and increase productivity with our advanced dosing solutions.

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