Plug 'n play dosing system

The innovative dosing system, delivered within one day to XMILE, demonstrates our commitment to fast and efficient customer service. Designed specifically for accurate dosing of fuel additives, this plug-and-play dosing system highlights our expertise in developing accurate engineering solutions. The core component, a 50-litre day tank equipped with a suction lance and the digital KMS MF metering pump, guarantees optimum performance of the metering system through its precision in dosing.

XMILE, an innovator in marine biological fuel additives, chooses our dosing system for the implementation of their product. The enzyme-rich additive used by XMILE initiates a catalytic reaction that significantly improves fuel quality, resulting in a range of benefits: reduced fuel consumption, lower pollutant emissions, improved engine performance, and reduced wear and contamination of engine components. This highlights the importance of a reliable dispensing system in making shipping more sustainable.

Thanking XMILE for their confidence in our dosing system, we wish them success in their ongoing commitment to cleaner and more sustainable shipping. Our dosing system plays a crucial role in achieving these goals, through accurate and efficient dosing of essential additives.

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