IBC Dosing system

Are you looking for an efficient way to dose directly from your IBC? We offer the ideal solution!

Our innovative stainless steel support, designed specifically for the IBC, ensures a stable position for the dosing pump. This prevents the pump from falling off the vessel and guarantees easy operation.The dosing pump within our IBC dosing system is coupled to a suction lance. You easily install this lance via the lid of the IBC, for which we supply you with a customised lid. This way, you can effortlessly return the IBC to your supplier after use. The pump and lance are easy to move to a new IBC.With our suction lance, liquid is effectively drawn in from the bottom, without a hose hanging incorrectly in the IBC.

The model shown is the Emec Prisma dosing pump, suitable for doses from 0.1 ml/min up to 80 litres per hour at a pressure of 2 bar. This pump can be controlled manually, but also via a pulse or 4-20 mA signal. A batch function is also available, with which the dosing pump automatically doses a preset batch. Handy! 

We also offer other models of dosing pumps, with capacities of up to 1000 litres per hour at 5 bar.Interested in our IBC dosing system? Feel free to request a quote with your specifications, and we are ready to help you further.

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