Emec Prisma Weekly Mode

The Emec Prisma dosing pump is made to make it as easy as possible. This all-rounder is known as the most innovative Emec dosing pump to date! One of the reasons for this is the large number of 'modes'. On this page, we take a closer look at the weekly or timer mode, which allows a standard programme to be settled weekly.

How does the Emec Prisma Weekly Mode work?

Weekly Mode is used to schedule dosing activity on a weekly basis. 

You can set this in the following way: 

  • Press the encoder to turn on the pump. 
  • Select the following:
    • Settings.
    • Advanced.
    • Working mode.
    • Weekly Programming/Weekly Programming. In this menu, you can programme up to 24 weekly dosing activities. 
  • For example, select 'Programme 1' and press the encoder. 
  • Then set the start time, duration and dosing quantity (l or ml). 
  • You can also set the days of the week when the dosing should be carried out. 
  • The PRISMA software prevents dosing in excess of pump capacity by automatically limiting the set dosing rate. 
  • Once programming is complete, select 'save' and press encoder. 
  • Return to the main screen to activate the saved working mode.

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Max. capacity: 28 l/h

Max. pressure: 5 bar


Max. capacity: 80 l/h

Max. pressure: 20 bar


Max. capacity: 80 l/h

Max. pressure: 20 bar

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