Main screen and settings

The Emec LD Multichannel is a microprocessor-based digital controller for pH and chlorine, including a temperature measurement. With various operating modes, such as main, on/off, impulsive proportional, proportional PWM or fixed PWM, you can choose what works best for you. For outputs, pulses per minute can be set. In this, the working ranges are as follows:

  • pH: from 0 to 14pH.
  • Chlorine from 0 to 10 mg/l.

All data is provided via a large LCD screen. The instrument can be easily programmed using a revolutionary rotary knob. The LD Multichannel has an IP65 plastic housing.

Rotary knob
The LD Multichannel has a rotary knob, which allows you to control the Emec pump. The rotary knob can be turned in either direction to scroll through the menus. To select the selected item, press this rotary knob.

Main screen

The main screen shows one and all.

The first thing you see, looking from top to bottom, are the units.

  • pH is the unit of measurement for the pH probe.
  • The mg/l is the unit of measurement for the chlorine probe.

Below that are some big numbers. These numbers are the values read by the probes.
Below these large numbers is the output status. These fields relate to the status of power output and instrument activity.

A warning/alarm message may be displayed during a critical situation. For a detailed explanation of the problem, turn the dial fully clockwise to view the instrument's key parameters and power output status.

If an alarm is triggered (this could be supply, level, dose, probe failure, set point) and ALARM appears on the main screen, all outputs are switched off.

NOTE: If the SCL probe is disconnected from the controller, or not found, the message "PROBE n/a" appears on the display and the corresponding outputs are switched off.

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