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Automatically dosing liquids using a metering pump or dosing system can raise a lot of questions. Which pump head should I use with a chemical liquid? How much should I be able to dose per hour? Am I looking for a diaphragm pump or a motor-driven pump? Do I need a controller? These are just some of the questions that come up when buying the right dosing pump.

In this knowledge centre, we would like to help you on your way. For instance, here you can read more about the chemical resistance of various materials and read more about how dosing systems work.

Chemical resistance

Read more about the chemical resistance of materials and more information on chemical dosing here.

Dosage and regulation

Want to know more about regulating certain values in water using sensors and dosing systems? You can find more information below.

Compare pumps

Are you already using a certain type of metering pump? Take a look and compare them with Emec.

Emec Multifunction Models

Emec's electromagnetic, multifunction metering pumps are considered true all-rounders. From chemical liquids to pumping high-viscosity liquids. Read more about installation, maintenance and more here.

Emec Prius

This motor-driven pump from Emec offers the solution when you want to dose high flows. Reliable and safe, as this pump can also be provided with an ATEX certificate.

Emec LD Multichannel

This controller from Emec offers the ability to dose (chemical) liquids based on pH value and another value of your choice (depending on the sensor).

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Who are we?

Dosing Pump Shop supplies high-quality dosing pumps, controllers, sensors and complete systems. On our webshop, you can find our diverse product range. Do you prefer good advice? Please contact us!

Among other things, we have been supplying the complete Emec product range for almost 10 years. Worldwide, fast and often from stock.


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