ORP value and redox

ORP Value | Meaning You may be familiar with the terms ORP value and redox from swimming pools and spas. The name ORP is an English abbreviation for "Oxidation Reduction Potential". Redox is an amalgamation of "Reduction" and "Oxidation". The redox or ORP value is mainly used in swimming pools to indicate how pure the water [...]


Conductivity | Meaning What is conductivity? Conductivity, also called conductivity, is a property of a liquid that says something about its ability to conduct electric current through it. It depends on the concentration of dissolved ions in the liquid. This is because these are the particles in the water that cause an electric [...]

pH value

pH Value | Meaning What is pH value? pH value, also known as acidity, is one of the properties of a liquid or aqueous solution. The term pH is derived from the Latin name "Potentia Hydrogenii". This says something about the concentration of hydrogen ions. These ions have the ability (the p in pH [...]

Chlorine dioxide

Chlorine dioxide | Meaning Chlorine dioxide is a compound between chloride (Cl) and oxygen (O2). This type of chlorine is widely used as a bleaching agent and a disinfectant. This is because its disinfecting effect is highly effective even at low concentrations. Unlike chlorine, this agent is explosive. Therefore, it is forbidden to transport chlorine dioxide and [...]

Free chlorine and total chlorine

Chlorine | Meaning What is free chlorine? You know chlorine, of course, from swimming pools and spas. This type of chlorine comes in liquid or solid form. For example, you can think of tablets and chlorine granules. When you throw these products into the water, this form of chlorine is called free chlorine. They call this free chlorine because [...]