This is how you reduce chlorine safely!

too much chlorine in pool

Chlorine plays a crucial role in pool maintenance by disinfecting water and keeping it safe for swimmers. However, excess chlorine can be harmful to both swimmers' health and the condition of the pool. In this article, we discuss why excessive chlorine is problematic and how [...]

Water treatment plant and the importance of metering pumps

Water treatment plant

Water plays an essential role in our daily lives, not only for consumption but also for domestic and industrial use. The quality of this water is crucial for our health and the environment. This is where the water treatment plant comes in, a system designed to purify water until it is safe for [...]

What does a dosing pump do?

What is a metering pump? A metering pump is a device that accurately dispenses liquids for various applications, such as water treatment, chemical mixtures, and drug preparation. To learn more about the basics and benefits of this technology, check out the electric diaphragm pump as a fluid displacement solution. Operation of Dosing Pumps Dosing pumps work by moving precise amounts of liquid [...]

This is how an electric diaphragm pump works!

Emec-Prisma dosing pump

In the world of industrial pumps, the electric diaphragm pump occupies a special position. This versatile and efficient pump is used to move a wide range of fluids, from chemicals to water. In this blog, we focus on the electric diaphragm pump and highlight why it is an essential choice for [...]

Tips for Buying a Diaphragm Pump

Emec-Prisma dosing pump

When choosing a diaphragm pump for industrial or domestic applications, it is essential to be well-informed about the various aspects that affect the pump's performance and durability. In this article, we discuss important considerations and tips that will help you make an informed choice. 1. Understand the Operation [...]

Operation of diaphragm pump

What is a diaphragm pump? The name diaphragm pump derives from the diaphragm inside the pump. This diaphragm enables the pumping of liquid. The advantage is that apart from the pump head and diaphragm, no other parts of the pump come into contact with the pumped medium. This makes the [...]